Dir. Pablo Herrán de Viu

Ficción / Red One / 14 min. / 2012

Marina y Yago deciden separarse. El destino de la pareja, sin embargo, será incierto hasta el momento en el que Marina coja el bus de vuelta que la separará definitivamente de Yago.

Más sobre el director:


Pablo Herrán de Viu was born and raised in the Balearic island of Mallorca. He spent his childhood listening FANTASTIC STORIES about the ocean and observing thousands of tourists from different cultures visiting his island every season.

Pablo started writing in an early age. Before starting the university he won the Catalan most traditional literature contest “JOCS FLORALS” three years consecutively, which gave him the title of “MESTRE EN GAI SABER”, when he was only fifteen years old.

To achieve the Degree of FILMS AND TV, Pablo moved to Barcelona to join the “FACULTAT BLANQUERNA DE LA UNIVERSITAT RAMÓN LLULL” where he wrote and directed the films ”AMARGO” and “LOLA YA NO VUELA”. He also created and directed “EL SÉPTIMO SUEÑO”, a documentary about the efforts of a recent graduated filmmaker trying to get in the movies industry.

During the four years of university, Pablo participated in an intensive writing course headed by the prestigious Spanish writer MAGDALENA TIRADO. His short story “COME ON, BABY!” was published in the Spanish newspaper “EL MUNDO” and his short story “ADICCIÓN” gave him an ACADEMIC AWARD.

Before the decision to move to the United States, Pablo still found time to work in the Catalan TV channel “TELEVISIO DE L’HOSPITALET” and the producing company “OBERÓN CINEMATOGRÁFICA”. In New York City, he worked in seven short movies at the NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY. His short movie “MISUNDERSTOOD” was shown at festivals in Toronto, Cuba, New York, Venezuela and Ecuador. “GLORIA SIN VENTAS” was shown in Spain, Colombia, New York, Perú and Argentina. He recently finished his new short movie called “COMEDIA”.

Pablo also created and organizes a successful annual film festival in New York City, the SCREEN LOUD FILM FESTIVAL, which has been committed to programming a broad range of short fiction and documentaries that explore the theme of being a ‘foreigner’ searching for a way to express oneself in a new world.


He is currently working as a curator and organizer of monthly film festivals in the Spanish cultural center La Nacional, in Manhattan.

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